Wealth Management

Yyour wealth management projects require a cross-disciplinary approach, this is why our wealth management team works closely with the firm’s other practice areas, including business law, corporate taxation, tax and real estate law, and employment law.

Given the significant tax consequences of acquisitions, holdings and transfers of assets as well as the constant evolution of legislation, it has become crucial to manage the taxation of your current or future assets. This is why our team who focuses in wealth management assists you, in France and abroad, in defining your strategy and implementing solutions adapted to your personal, family or corporate development objectives.

Our lawyers have developed an approach centered on five key areas to meet your objectives while capitalizing on regulatory changes: analysis, organization, transmission, structuring, reporting follow-up and support for tax audits.

  • Review of the legal, tax and regulatory requirements for your assets in France and abroad.
  • Diagnosis of your wealth and property, and assessment of your exposure to risks.
  • Identifying and prioritizing your objectives and developing possible scenarios.
  • Requests for rulings from the tax authorities for complex tax issues.
Organization, acquisitions and structuring
  • Defining and putting in place a personal wealth strategy, which allows you to structure your assets in a tax efficient manner and anticipate future changes in your tax position.
  • Assessing your constraints and identifying opportunities with regard to the available legal and tax instruments.
  • Choice of investment vehicles according to your short, medium and long-term objectives.
  • Identifying risks and opportunities according to the envisaged methods.
  • Implementing solutions in France and internationally.
  • Anticipating changes in legislation and taxation.
  • Preparing a transfer of the business to the next generations.
  • Planning the consequences of critical family situations to preserve your assets.
  • Advising shareholders and managers on capital increases.
Assistance with Tax Returns
  • Preparing French personal tax returns (income tax return, wealth property tax (IFI) return, 3% tax, etc.).
  • Preparing other tax returns required by French or foreign legislation (3% tax, foreign bank accounts, donations, etc.). 
Assistance with Tax Audits and Litigation
  • Responding to requests from the tax authorities.
  • Providing assistance during tax audits by the French Tax Administration.
  • Initiating litigation before competent Courts and providing ongoing support.
  • Organizing business transfer transactions as part of the French “Dutreil law” scheme.
  • Filing a request for a ruling on the conversion of a single policyholder life insurance policy into a multiple policyholder policy.
  • Advising shareholders in connection with OBO transactions.
  • Advising on the liquidation and allocation of assets of a family-owned real estate company.
  • Providing follow-up and assistance in connection with foreign settlement projects (Exit Tax formalities, liquidation of French assets, restructuring of assets prior to settlement) or return to France.
  • Implementing the impatriate regime for foreign employees moving to France.
  • Drafting wills or clauses benefiting from life insurance contracts.
  • Providing assistance in connection with charitable projects (creation of endowment funds, temporary donations).
  • Drafting agreements related to gifts and donations.