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360-Degree Perspective on Business Law 

Alerion brings together a complete range of expertise required to meet the needs of today’s business world.

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From Issues to Solutions

Alerion can mobilize the legal professionnals needed to identify the key issues facing companies, their executives and shareholders, and provide the most relevant solutions.

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International Expertise

Since Alerion was founded, the firm has cultivated an international mindset and provides advisory and litigation support to both French and worldwide clients.

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Litigation Observatory

Alerion offers a legal watch, written by its lawyers and entirely dedicated to the emergence of climate litigation.

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Alerion is an independent law firm focused on business law. Our multidisciplinary teams of lawyers constantly combine their talents to deliver comprehensive and practical solutions for their clients.

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Since the firm was founded, Alerion has extended its expertise beyond borders and has the capability to support clients internationally with the same level of commitment.

Serving Companies

Alerion brings together a full range of legal expertise tailored to corporate entities, executives and shareholders. Our pledge: provide legal services that are unique, intelligible and transparent.

Be careful!

Attempts at identity theft are on the increase, and law firms are not spared. Apart from the payment of our invoices, it is exceptional for Alerion Avocats to ask you to pay a sum of money or provide financial information. Be particularly careful if you are not a client of our firm.

We therefore invite you to check the authenticity of the senders and to treat with caution any unexpected request (i.e. any request that is not related to a current case), and particulary if you are requested to operate alone in the greatest secrecy or to pay a sum of money into a bank account located outside France.

If you have the slightest doubt about an e-mail or telephone call received, or if you suspect an unusual request, contact us immediately.