[VIDEO EPISODE 4] | Conquering the German market: legal advice and business opportunities

19 January 2024
Nicola Kömpf

Business law: Let’s talk about the future with Alerion.

Business law is constantly changing. Economic constraints require us to adapt constantly and ever more rapidly. Tax, assets, company law, competition law, intellectual property, employment law… in a series of video interviews, Alerion’s lawyers offer you their analysis from a practical angle.

In this video, Nicola KÖMPF, a partner in the German Desk at Alerion avocats, shares her expertise on how to conquer the German market with confidence, thanks to the advice of our German Desk team. Whether you’re considering working with a German agent, setting up a business in Germany, or simply understanding German employment law, this video offers useful advice and a clear perspective.

If you’re interested, our team of experts from the German Desk will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Video by @uplawder8337