Lexpress Compliance – Foreign Investments – New French regulation

01 March 2019
Frédéric Saffroy
Corinne Thiérache
Laura Raimondo
Carole Bui
Justine Clerc

Alerion has published a new issue of “LexPress” dedicated to French regulation on Foreign Investments.

Since January 1st, 2019, the scope of controlled activities became broader, with new sectors requiring prior authorization from the French Government, such as R&D activities in the fields of cybersecurity, AI, robotics, or 3D manufacturing. In addition, the future so-called “PACTE Law” – currently under review at the French Parliament – will shortly provide the Ministry for Economy with extended powers and graduated responses to enforce Foreign Investments regulation, and ensure its efficiency. Firms that intend to invest in French innovative businesses should consider whether they fall within the scope of this new regulation.

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