We provide clients with both advisory and litigation support, particularly with regard to establishing and auditing insurance programs, enforcing insurance guarantees, and also on regulatory matters and insurance company liability.

Our team acts on behalf of insurers, brokers and insureds, and has broad expertise and experience in insurance law, together with an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of the various players in the insurance market.

The clients we advise include insurance companies, insurance brokers and companies in the industrial, construction or services sectors.

Once the client's specific needs have been identified, each case is initially analyzed by a senior lawyer (partner or of counsel) who defines the objectives and resources required to fulfill the client’s request.

  • Advice and assistance in setting up tailored insurance programs and guarantees
  • Audit of assurance programs
  • Advice on drafting contractual documentation relating to the underwriting and distribution of insurance products
  • Assistance and advice in the enforcement of insurance guarantees
  • Assistance to insurance companies and insurance brokers on the regulation of their activities and their control by the French insurance authority (l’Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution)
  • Litigation related to the liability of insurance companies and brokers
  • Assistance and advice to an Irish insurance company regarding the consequences on the ten-year liability insurance and construction damage insurance contracts already subscribed in France, given the prohibition of its insurance products in France by the French insurance authority.
  • Assistance and advice to a car rental company in setting up an insurance program (civil liability and damage, professional civil liability) in partnership with a car manufacturer, and the drafting of the contractual documentation.
  • Assistance and advice to a company involved in producing electricity by means of a geothermal process, in enforcing the liability and insurance guarantees relevant to the chain of different entities involved in constructing the system.
  • Assistance and advice to a life insurance company in connection with forced repurchase procedures initiated by the French tax authorities.
  • Assistance and advice to an insurance broker in connection with the purchase of another insurance broker subject to review by the French insurance authority (ACPR).