Compliance and Regulatory

The Compliance & Regulatory team assists clients in implementing governance adapted to their company’s organisation, ensuring the compliance of their business, controlling their regulatory environment, maintaining their reputation on the market or consolidating their competitive advantage.

Our lawyers focus on understanding the industry’s market practice, its products and services, as well as the business model of each client. This gives them the capacity to provide the most customised and business oriented advice to implement internal procedures and establish the appropriate documentation (contracts with employees and suppliers/providers/business partners, codes of ethics and policies, whistle-blowing schemes, governance rules and principles, evaluation forms, declarations and requests for permits, etc.).

Our team assists and represents clients before regulatory authorities in obtaining authorizations, permits or licenses, as well as during investigations and judicial phase.

The lawyers also provide tailor-made training and awareness-raising sessions at all company levels : from management teams to operational teams.

Our team covers the following fields:

Export control and foreign investment
  • Military goods and related items, explosives, dual-use goods and services, embargoes and international sanctions; ITAR and EAR regulations,
  • Foreign investment,
  • Security and defence activities, protection of vital infrastructures (OIV & OSE).
Compliance and business ethics
  • Prevention of corruption (French law “Sapin 2” and “Vigilance” law) and money-laundering (Tracfin); transparency and conflicts of interest at both French and international levels (US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD); whistle-blowing schemes.
Product Safety and Product Compliance
  • Safety requirements, marking and labelling, European regulations REACH, RoHS, WEEE, etc.
Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Due diligence, GDPR compliance programs (processing records, privacy policy, IT policy, subcontracting with Data Processor, Cloud Act coordination, etc.).
European and regulatory matters
  • Legal and regulatory monitoring, interpretation and implementation of new French and European regulations (GDPR, Package Travel Directive, Egalim law, etc.).

The lawyers in the Compliance & Regulatory team are involved in various industries:

  • Healthcare (pharmaceutical and medical devices, clinical trials, cosmetics…);
  • Agri-food (mass-market retailing, agribusiness, plant protection products, GMOs…);
  • Information technology (communications, cryptology, cybercrime, data privacy…);
  • Aerospace and defence (military goods and related items, dual-use goods, drones…);
  • Energy (nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels…);
  • Education and higher education (institutions, courses, diplomas, e-learning…);
  • Travel agencies, airline companies and tourism.
  • Assistance to an American company for the acquisition of a French company specialized in semiconductors (Export Control matters and International Sanctions issues);
  • Assistance to an American company for the acquisition of a French company specialized in electronics (Foreign Investment authorization and negotiation of the covenants with the French Department of Commerce);
  • Assistance to an international higher education group of schools for the compliance of their programs and diplomas with French Education regulations;
  • Assistance to a world leader in crop protection and seeds in relation to compliance of its products with European and French regulations;
  • Assistance to a French company exporting cyphering devices and software outside the European Union;
  • Delivering training sessions in relation to Cybersecurity and Data Privacy for the French Institute of Defence Studies.