Alerion assisted Airbus Defence and Space for the absorption of Airbus DS Geo (ex-Spot Image)

13 March 2023
Frédéric Saffroy, Stanislas Vailhen, Jérémie Mancel-Cottrel, Alexandra Fortin and Alice Bastien

Alerion (Frédéric Saffroy, Alice Bastien and Alexandra Fortin - Stanislas Vailhen and Jérémie Mancel-Cottrel) assisted Airbus Defence and Space in the universal transmission of assets (TUP) of Airbus DS Geo, formerly Spot Image. The transaction included the preliminary acquisition of its special share from the French State and the negotiation of specific substitution agreements, the preparation and the implementation of the TUP in France, as well as in the various countries where Airbus DS Geo is operating (North and South America, Europe, Central Asia and Asia). Alerion's "best friends" firms in these different regions were key to the success of this operation.

Created in 1982 by the French space agency CNES, the French geological survey agency BRGM and the French aerospace company Matra, under the name "Spot Image", Airbus DS Geo is one of the pioneers and leaders in Earth observation, for both civilian (mapping, resource management, environment, etc.) and military (Geographic Intelligence) applications. Airbus Defence and Space designs, manufactures and operates the latest generation of Earth observation satellites, Pleiade Neo.